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Hot-ON™ Heating Lunch Box by MaxxiBox

Hot-ON™ Heating Lunch Box by MaxxiBox

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2 in 1 - Why bother carrying a lunch box and then having to use a microwave to heat it up? Our electric food warmer combines them both and has two different plugs - one for home and work and one for your car.

CONVENIENT HEATING - Be it at work, school or home, you deserve a hot meal. Conveniently plug in the lunchbox at your workplace or car, sit back and relax while your food is getting hot and delicious.

EASY TO CLEAN - Forget about having to scrub out dried up food leftovers, the BOX has a detachable stainless steel tray that allows you to swap it out and put in the dishwasher easily. The box itself is also washable as long as no water gets into the socket.

2 COMPARTMENTS - Maybe you don’t always want your food mixed up. That’s why there are two compartments inside the box which allow you to keep your food tasty and separated.

SO EASY TO USE -  Stop sacrificing your comfort through vending machines, cold meals, and fast food. Stay healthy and eat a fresh hot plate. Simply put the food into the lunch box, plug it in, wait a little bit...and enjoy no matter where you are!


- Materials: ABS/Stainless Steel

- Size: 25 cm * 16 cm * 12 cm / 9.84 in * 6.3 in * 4.72 in

- Power: 40W

- Voltage: 12V, 110V, 220V

- Capacity: 1.05L

- Rice box: 0.6L

- Dish box: 0.45L


Heating up food:
1. Place cooked food or soup into the corresponding containers.
2. Open the steam outlet and insert the power cord.
3. Switch on the power, wait around 20 minutes on average for the food to heat up and enjoy!
Note: the heating time depends on the amount of food and its initial temperature.


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